Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Seriously, what’s your type?

Okay, several weeks ago, I wrote a post about a Balm product that I had a hate and love relationship with.  For the record, it’s in my makeup bag; however, it’s not a product that I constantly use as part of my makeup routine.  I guess, it’s one of those products where you bought, you tried, and now you don’t seem to care for its existence.  Sad yet true, to some makeup products that you buy.  

At least you tried it… right? 

Anyways, moving along, is another Balm product that I am pleased with.  You already know what my favorite mascara is, however this mascara from the Balm product, is actually quite amazing.  

Picture via thebalm.com
First Impression:  Mascara tube is in a cute box! Look at that guy and read some of the things printed on the box, it’s quite funny! Look at the wand, is quite long, which helps gather all of my nonexistence eyelashes.  

Luckily, there is no smell from this mascara.  I feel that I am very cautious about that now, especially when it comes to the Balm products.  None the less, some of their other products are still fantastic!

Anyways, back to the mascara.  When I used it alone, it lifts, separate, and elongate my lashes, which, you know, is definitely quite amazing! To build even a better and longer lash effect, before using this mascara, I use my favorite primer.  And what do you know….EYELASHES appears!  Instantly, lashes become longer and dramatic! 

This mascara is truly great to what it has to offer.  I am actually very please and delighted that I bought this product.  It’s pretty much a clump-free formula and it lasts all day long! Which you know is always a plus in my makeup book!