Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Awesome Powder Brush

I’ve been an avid lover of MAC brushes since the first time I began using makeup, which were many moons ago. I love their brushes because the bristles are made with soft fibers and easy to use.

This is perfect to use with my favorite powders that I mentioned here and here.

MAC 150 Powder Brush
First Impression: I love how the brush handle is long which makes it easy to hold and apply your pressed or loose powders for that long lasting effect.  Again, the bristles are so soft yet dense enough but very gentle when you apply it all over your face. 

I have this brush quite some time now, although they do last quite a long time, I try to change all of my brushes every 2 years.  I keep my brushes in great condition by cleaning them almost every other week, or when I think it’s necessary. 

Now, this brush is definitely a big splurge.  I mean for $42 that is ridiculous I must say.  To be quite honest, I think it took me awhile to buy this product. Why did I come back to buy this brush? Well, again, I was adamant because of the cost, however, after trying other powder brushes, it wasn’t as effect as this one.  

Although I am happy that I bought this brush, I just wish it wasn’t that expensive.  It’s definitely an allover application brush; however, it can be versatile to be used as a blush brush too! You guys know me; I love to make one product very useful in many possible ways!  :0)

I bought mines at Macy’s but you can buy it at Nordstrom or directly from their website.  

With the perfect brush, it makes applying anything so much easier. :0)

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