Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Loosen up

Yesterday I shared with you all my favorite pressed powder.  Today I have another kind of powder I think it’s worth sharing! I mean when it comes to powder, there are so many different kinds and types, and for me, finding the right powder (in any form) is very important.

Makeup in general can be a love and hate relationship, but when the right product comes along that makes you look even more beautiful, then of course it’s worth to share with everyone!  As women, I believe that when we each find a product that we love; we should all share it with one another.  I mean yes, sometimes it may work for me and not for you, but don’t you think it is worth to try? That decision is most certainly up to you. :0)

Okay, back to the product that I want to brag about is this amazing Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder.

First Impression:  Comes in a cute tight-lid jar and when you open the lid, the loose powder are places underneath this other coverage lid, with tiny holes for the loose powder minerals to come out.  Honestly, when I looked at this product, I can tell how sheer and translucent this is! I mean any product that comes on translucent is a plus for all women, meaning it can be used for all skin-type. 

It’s an extreme lightweight, soft and silky, loose powder.  This powder is great to use to set your foundation.  This form of powder is also easy to apply.  I normally lightly dip the tip of my powder brush and shake off any excess, and then apply to my face in circular motion.  Honestly, this product does create a soft, flawless canvas.  
It definitely will not make you look cakey, unless, you choose to layer on multiple times, which in this case, is truly not necessary.  I find that one circular motion around the face provides enough sufficient coverage.  Again, this product also does help minimize the shine control.  

For $35, I know that can certainly be pricey.  But do trust me, it’s worth it.  Again, any forms of powders, is at your own preferences, I hope that you all find one that is a perfect match! :0)

I bought mines at Macy’s; however, you can buy it directly on their website or at Sephora.  

Please have an awesome day! 

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