Friday, March 22, 2013

Buzzing to be smooth as well…

Okay, so yesterday I mentioned one of my favorite lip balm products here, and today I will talk about my other favorite one! I love this next product as much as I love the eos lip balm!

Ladies and gentleman meet Burt’s Bee Lip Balm
First Impression:   Look at the lip balm; it has bees’ buzzing on the cover! How cute is that! I mean I love buying things that are cute, I know, I’ve mentioned this countless times by now, but not only is this product cute but it works amazingly for your lips! 

I know you’re all probably wondering how this is possible to have two favorite lip balms that I actually use daily. Well, it’s not that hard when you have two things you love; you use at it different times, or when you can’t find one of the product, you use the other one.  It’s certainly a compromising act! Gee, I sound like I am in a relationship with these products. LOL. 

It’s complicated to divide your love for these two amazing products, but it quite certainly is what it is. :0)
This product smells incredibly amazing too! Smells like honey, of course in contrast with their name.  With 100% natural amazing ingredients such as antioxidant Vitamin E, hint of Peppermint Oil provides a wonderful tingle on the lips! After using this product, your lips immediately feels a smooth, with a soft sensation, that helps suffice any dry, cracked lips. 

I also used this product in the winter, which does help my lips feeling very soft and smooth.  This lip balm continuously works to make your lips stay ultra-moist.   

Honestly, I am so happy to discover this lip balm as it does wonderful justices to the lips! 

For $3, prices may vary at some stores, I bought mines at Target.  You can also get any other drug stores or on their website.  I think that the price is reasonable considering how the product delivers soft, moist, even, yes buttery lips. 

These last two posts were definitely hard for me to write, in a sense because I can’t compare them.  I honestly whole heartily love both of these lip balms.  So I am giving thumbs up to either one you decide to try or are currently using! Either one gives the ultimate soft lips, which are totally worth it! 

Have an awesome, buzzing beautiful Friday! :0)

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