Thursday, March 21, 2013

Buttery Lips

Do you want soft, smooth, buttery lips? I’m sure you do! Well then, I have the perfect product for you! I use this product almost every day! Now, this product is actually a tied with another all-time favorite product of mines, which I will talk about tomorrow! :0)

Without further introduction, meet eos (evolution of smooth) lip balm

First Impression:  Cute, red smooth sphere lip balm! You can easily carry this anywhere, except this is the one item I don’t like to specifically put in my pant pockets.  I don’t like how it creates a bump, but that just me
When you open the product, the lip balm formula is in a sphere motion, making it easy to apply.  It’s very soft and it smells delicious! It comes in a variety of flavors! The flavor I bought is pomegranate raspberry! Yes, trust me, it smells phenomenal!!  That’s why I love to use this daily! I haven’t tried other flavors, as this is the favor that I am obsessed with.  :0) 
The lip balm comes off clear and this product is 95% organic, with a lot of great ingredients such as shea butter and vitamin E infused, to give you soft, moist, smooth buttery lips! I mean, I cannot complain with that! 

Occasionally, I have to admit that my lips do get dry and cracked, especially in the cold winter season, but since using this daily in the winter, it helps prevent that problem excessively! 

For $3.29, for everlasting soft smooth lips, I think it’s worth it! I bought mines at Wal-Mart, but you can buy it here on their website.  

I’m sure all the ladies and even the gentleman would love to have the soft, buttery lips effect! :0) 

Have an awesome day! 

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