Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Latest Obsession

Lately, I’ve been having a crazy obsession with The Balm products!   My first obsession started with this Blush. I figured, if I was this impressed with one of their products, chances are, I might like more of their other products. 
The second item that I bought from The Balm collection was the Mary-Lou Manizer aka Luminizer  Highlighter or Luminizers are very important if we are hoping to achieve a certain natural glow.  

First impression with the product is that it’s cute with an adorable animated girl on the cover case.  Let’s face it, how many of you bought something just because it’s cute and adorable, no shame, it’s frankly my truth.  :0)

When I open the compact case, there is a mirror inside, which is always a plus.  I love to carry this compact case around, especially when I have a date night with the BF or have a girls night out, I would like to touch up my make-up.  Come on, everyone has a little compact mirror in their purse somewhere, and this makes it even more worth if I wanted to give my complexion a glowing boost. 

As you can see, look at the fine color and how it shimmers.  It may look bright in this compact case, however, when you apply this to your skin, it’s very settle.  Remember a little goes along way.  I normally put this product around my cheeks, nose, Cupid’s bow, and forehead- just to give myself a glow. 

Occasionally, I put it on shoulders or legs for the shimmery effect which works really well, but the best part is you can also use it as an eyeshadow!!!  I mean who doesn’t love a product that can be used  multi-functionally!!  
I especially love it when my face reflects the natural sun light or even indoor lights; I’ve been complimented for the natural glow just by using this product! 

For $24, I know that can be pricey, but trust me it is worth it and it’ll last for a long time.  I purchased mines at Nordstrom, they also have it online, and however, you can get it directly at The Balm website and check out their other products!

Overall, I am satisfied that I bought this product. Definitely thumbs up!! :0)

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