Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Oh where do I begin…..

I’m not so sure where to begin with this product, as I have a love and hate relationship with it.  You all know that I have a mad, crazy obsession with The Balm products, as I mentioned it here and here.  But this product, I have to admit, I don’t love it, just lusting over it.  

I was adamant of sharing this product with you all, but I felt that I need to speak the truth about this product.  

First Impression:  Slim, concealer stick with a twist off lid that can easily be tossed into the purse or makeup bag.  When I open this product, the smell of the formula is so strong! Oh my god, whatever ingredient (maybe the tree oil) that was used in this concealer was not pleasant to my nose, as the smell made me felt sick.  

However, I try to give it a chance, so when I apply it, I make sure that I dab it fast to whatever spots I have on my face, hoping not to inhale the terrible smell.  This is a first for me, to react and dodge a strong, stinky makeup product. 

The color shade I have is in nude.  This color did not match my face at all.  That made me very sad, close to disappointment.  I mean I LOVE the balm products; I hope this is the only unsatisfactory product I have with them.  

Back to the concealer, because it was so light on my face, if I use it for spotting purposes, as this product is meant to do that, I would literally look crazy!  Plus the formula consistency was a bit think and tacky, be careful not to apply too much as it can get cakey.  

However, I thought to myself, let’s not give up entirely just yet, let’s figure out another way to use this product; indeed I did.   

Instead of spot concealing on my face, I used it to highlight and cover my dark circles under my eyes.  Now that worked better.  Still, it was a little too light, but somehow with either my MAC or Laura Mercier powder that I normally used, it worked.  

For $20, I think it’s a little pricey for concealers and not to mention the shades not so perfectly blend to my skin, made me felt EH about this product.  In addition, not to mention the smell, I am not so please with that.  Honestly, I’m glad that I did try this product to discover that it wasn’t so great for me.  But hey, you never know, this product might work wonders for you.  :0)

I bought mines at Nordstrom; however, you can buy it directly at their website

If you are currently using it or do plan to try it out, please comment below and let me know, as I would love to read about your experience! 

This post was honestly different for me, as I always rave about the wonderful things I love.  If you would like me to share other products that I used in the past that was disastrous, please let me know.  I would love to share those as well!  :0)

I want to take a brief moment to say thank you for reading my blog.  As you can tell, I just started blogging, which is something I can honestly say that I love to do.  It allowed me to connect with you all, which is amazing, considering there are so many readers across the states even countries!  So honestly, THANK YOU for coming back to read my post every day! I honestly really do appreciate it.  :0)

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I will not be blogging tomorrow or Friday, as I will be out of town for a mini-much needed vacation. :0)

Have a fabulous weekend and see you all Monday! :0)

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