Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Shimmery Effect

I love a natural or bold look every now and then.  I’ve had my fair share of experiencing with a lot of different kinds of eye shadow brands.  There’s definitely a lot that I love, which I plan to share with you all, continuously on this blog.  

However, my first favorite eye shadow pallet is Maybelline Eye StudioQuad
First Impression:  The eye shadows are a 4-in-1 compact case, which is very organized and handy, especially for traveling purposes.  I mean who doesn’t love to have a nice, affordable, natural eye shadow pallet! The color shade of the quad I have is called Copper Chic

I mean look at all these warm neutral eye shadows!! They are so pretty, soft colors, and definitely easy to apply in a tapping motion then blend.   Or you can also wet the tip of the brush, to pick up the eye shadow then apply for the bolder, shinier look.  What I love most about this pallet is you can definitely wear this during the day and of course at night! Just think about those summer days and nights! :0)

When I wear these eye shadows, for some reason I feel so romantic! I’m not so sure why I have this feeling, maybe because the colors are so vibrant, pigmented, and very shimmery.  These colors (slightly shades of pinks, copper, and brown) are gorgeous and iridescent and I think it should be in every girl’s makeup bag. :0) 

Again, because they are so shimmery, a little goes a long way.  If you want these eye shadows to stay and last longer, you can apply my favorite primer.  

For $7.94, for 4 eye shadows, I think that’s a great deal!!  Prices may vary at other stores from $6.94-$9.99. I bought mines at Target, but you can buy it at Wal-mart and Ulta.  
Have a shimmery day! :0)

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