Monday, March 18, 2013

Make it last, if possibly forever

 I love wearing natural eye shadows when I am going to work.  At night, especially if I am out with the BF or my girlfriends, that’s a different story.  My night time eye shadows are usually a soft smoky brown or dark look.  Either looks, requires a little magic product to make they them stay put to last all day or night long.  

I introduce all of you to my favorite MAC Paint Pot.  Now this can be used alone and you can call it a day, but I use this as a primer for my eyelids.  

First Impression:  In a cute tiny jar.  Easily toss this is your purse, make up bag, but be careful, because it’s so small, you can easily lose it.  Or maybe that’s just my case.  Anyways, back to the paint pot; the color I bought is Soft Ochre.  There are many different shades out there, but I love the texture and formula of this specific product.  The consistency is thick enough to conceal anything on your eyelids.  Make sure you close the lid tight, as it can dry up really fast. 
It’s pigmented but when it’s applied to the eyelids, it dries up really fast, creating an everlasting effect to hold up any additional eye shadows.  And that’s why I love this product! The neutral color is perfect to use as a base, that’s why I use it as a primer.  But the best part is when I want a quick natural look, I apply this with my finger, and BAM, I’m ready to go!   I love products that are versatile because not every day we have time to apply eye shadows.  

For $18.50 it can be pricey.  But this product does last quite a while.  I know that you can buy other products out there that are specifically used for eyelid primer, however, this one acts as both of a primer and eye shadow, and that’s why I love it

I bought mines at Macy’s, but you can also but it directly from their website or Nordstrom.  

Honestly, I am tired of some primers that promise to last forever, and it doesn’t.  This one makes it last, possibly forever.  

Have a Happy Monday!!!

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