Thursday, March 7, 2013

Did someone say flawless…

I know that every girl out there goes through the dilemma of finding the best foundation, concealer, or even powder to cover up those unwanted and disgusting blemishes and pimples.  Let’s face it; some of us, unfortunately are not born with the natural beautiful skin.  

In my case, definitely a NO! As a little girl growing up in her teens, I always had pimples, not only the small ones, but in addition the big gigantic ones that when you look down at your nose, you can see it! Yes, those big ones! I always had mild acne on the cheeks and my forehead.  I know.. SIGH…

Even if I tried to cover it up, somehow the products I’ve used thus far really did no justice.  Until recently, 3 weeks ago, I came across a product I called my holy moly everything… Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation.


First impression: Oh my god, where do I begin with this product, except it has done justice for me!!! It’s a light weight foundation that provides twice the coverage!! Yes, I am not exaggerating, this foundation, covers everything! Three weeks ago I said good-bye, hallelujah, peace-out (well, you get the point) to all of my unwanted enemies on my face! I mean yes, technically they’re still there, but when I used this product it actually covers and conceals everything! I swear I have more confidence after using this product. 

The best part, I honestly put a tiny dab and it covers everything.  You can use a brush to apply, but I feel that using my fingers conceals better. 

Second day of using this product, my sister noticed something different about my face.  She said “Hey, you’re face looks flawless.”  I had to ask her twice, “What did you say?” I know I was so excited to hear that someone actually noticed a difference! 

Anyways, I can continue on and on with compliments from people at work to my friends saying that my skin looks flawless now.  Trust me, I’ve used countless products and this one is definitely a keeper!  I am ever so happy that I came across this product! 


The shade that I bought is Sand 35; this is always tricky when trying to find the right shades that matches your skin.  Luckily, my other foundation that I used was this color, so I took a risk and order this one; and it sure paid off.  So please, look at the shade chart and read their description, or better yet contact and speak to a representative. 

For the price of the best coverage ever, this product cost $30.  I know, it’s pricey, but for coverage, I highly think it’s worth it. Also, if you sign up, you get free shipping! :0)

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