Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bed of Roses….

 The first eye shadow pallet that I’ve talked about was here, and I’ve mentioned how compact and neutral those colors are.  I’m very happy with that quad because the colors are shimmery, which can easily compliment anyone or intense the eyes, if you wanted too.

This next quad that I am introducing, took several weeks for me to learn and appreciate it.  Sometimes, first impression, and first or fifth tries, doesn’t necessary make you fall in love with a product immediately.  I’m glad that I was patient enough to continuously give this product a real “try.” 

Without further introduction…ladies…meet the Sonia Kashuk Eye Shadow Quads.

First Impression:  Comes in a cute, square compact case.  The shade of the quad I bought is called Bed of Roses, sounds so romantic isn’t it?  Aside from the quirky name of the quad, the colors were beautiful to me! They look so soft, natural, radiant, versatile, and you guys know that I love wearing neutral colors!  Often I don’t have the time to apply so much eye shadow, but with this quad, you can easily apply one sweep of one or two of the colors and not have to worry about how clean this look has to be.  

This quad eye shadows are easy to apply and easy to blend, if you choose too.  Honestly, these colors would look amazing on all types of skin tones!  The colors are matte to metallic shades of mauve to pink to shimmery taupe colors.  Again, beautiful natural tone shades that can easily transform you from day to night. 

Be cautious, that the shimmery color in this quad is pigmented and that a little honestly goes a long way.  When applied and there’s not a lot of the shimmery eye shadow, then wet the tip of the brush, then take some of the eye shadow and applied gently on the eyes.  That should allow the eye shadow to appear.  However, for the ever lasting effect, make sure you apply some sort of primer or my favorite.  

For $13.69 for beautiful natural colors, I say it’s worth it.  You can easily carry this anywhere, for traveling or touch up purposes.  I bought mines at Target; however you can go over to their website to see where else they sell this product.  

For convenience and natural beautiful colors, this is definitely a wonderful quad to have. 

Have a great Tuesday and thanks for reading! :0)

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend!!! 

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