Friday, April 12, 2013

Dry Hands?

For some reason, especially in the morning, my hands are extremely crusty, stiff, tough, and dry! :0(

Do any of you guys have this problem? 

Well, I’ve tried a lot of different lotions and while some did worked; the smell was too strong for me.  I guess I am really sensitive when it comes to certain fragrance/ lotion smell. 

I’ve tried high-end lotion which was supposed to smell like lavender; instead it smelled like something else! I think it’s the chemical that was infused to create that “lavender’ smell didn’t come out quite right. 

Anyways, the lotion that I am about to introduce to you all, is something that I’ve been using for quite some time now and the best part- it’s really affordable! :0)

Without further introduction, ladies meet Vaseline Intensive Rescue Repairing Moisture Lotion

First Impression:  The one that I have is a small travel sized lotion.  I’ve been using this size because it’s small so I can carry it everywhere (office, car, purse, gym bag)!  Its fragrance free, which is a plus, although sometimes I like fragrance lotion, specifically for my hands, I usually stick with to this.  

The lotion has a soft, silky texture, and easy to apply and moisture your hands.  I love the feeling as soon as I applied it to my hands, my hands automatically becomes soft! All of the crusty and dryness disappears! 

It definitely heals any cracked and dry skin and the best part is it’s non-greasy.  I mean for a quick repair for my dry hands, this is something that does perform based on what it is meant to do!