Thursday, April 25, 2013


Lately, my obsession for trying different mascaras has grown immensely.  I have two favorites that I mention here and here.

You see, I love trying new products, and once I fall in love with a product, I become obsessed.  Obsessed in a way of making sure I have back-ups; just in case if I run out or the fear that the company decides to discontinue the item. 

Nonetheless, these can be my ridiculous excuses just to have more than less.  : P

Anyways, this next product was recommended by another girlfriend of mines.  She bought this for me, since she highly recommends that this mascara will serve justice for your lashes. 

For someone that has absolutely a pathetic amount of lashes, of course I will try it in a heartbeat.  Anything that can enhance my lashes to look fuller and longer, you can bet on it that I will try it. 

Without further introduction, please meet EYEKO Mascara

First Impression:  What the heck is Eyeko? I never heard of this brand before.  Apparently it’s a famous brand from London.   I hesitated for a bit, but if my girlfriend is using it and is speaking highly of it, I will definitely give it a try. 

Comes in a cute color turquoise box and the mascara tube is slightly an odd shape, but that doesn’t really matter.  What matters most is the wand and formula.  In addition, there is a little shield that you can use when you are applying the mascara.  This is to not have any of the formula on your eyelids.

The product states to have a conditioning formula that is made with shea butter and keratin to help your lashes, so you know you can’t be disappointed. 

The wand is curvy and quite big to help gather all lashes.  The formula consistency is great; and not clumpy at all.  There is no smell from this product, which is a plus.