Friday, April 19, 2013


That’s MAC 217 blending brush.   

For a blending brush for your eye shadows, this is a must in my makeup bag. 

I know there are a lot of brushes out there that you can use, but like I said on this post, I’ve been an avid lover of MAC brushes for the longest time.  

I’m willing to try new brushes, but I simply love MAC brushes.  I’m open to try new brushes, but it’s hard for me to leave MAC.  :0)

Anyways, ladies meet MAC 217 Blending Brush.


First Impression: The brush is made with soft, yet dense fibers creating an oval shape bristle; easy to grab the eye shadows (pigmented or cream) to apply to the eyelids.  This is by far the best blending brush for me.  I love how it helps smooth out any harsh lines especially around the crease area.  


Ladies, we do not want any harsh lines especially when you are creating a smoky look.   

If you want to create a flawless, beautiful eye shadow look, then this is your brush! It’s simply amazing and it creates a beautiful canvas on your eyelids.  


I cannot express what else there isn’t to love about this brush.  It’s definitely one of the BEST brushes to own! : P

Now for $23 it can be pricey, but that’s almost average cost of any makeup brush.  I bought mines at Macy’s however; you can buy it at Nordstrom or directly on their website

Honestly, I’m really happy to add this brush to my collection; it serves its justice as a blending brush. :0)

I’m so ecstatic it’s Friday, I planned to have a very simple, relaxed weekend.  :0)

Happy Friday!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thanks for reading! :0)

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