Monday, April 22, 2013

Double Up

So one of my girlfriends raved about this next product and insisted that I give it a try.  She knew that I had a mad obsession for lipsticks, especially pink shades like this one here.

This lipstick, however, is quite unique. Its double-ended lipsticks in two different shades, which is pretty awesome! I mean, who can complain about a 2-in-1 flipstick! 

It was very thoughtful of her to buy me this lipstick, especially in this shade

Without further introduction, ladies meet Covergirl Blast Flipstick.  


First Impression: Looks pretty cool, I mean for a lipstick fanatic, the more the merrier! The colors are definitely bold; normally something I wouldn’t ever look at due to my crazy obsession with pink lipsticks.  

The blast flipstick I have is in the shade 810 Glimmer.  


My girlfriend knew this with throw my collection off; in hopes to help me like other shade(s); she technically went with the pink family except it’s darker and so much bolder.