Thursday, April 18, 2013


No, I’m not talking about the TOM’s shoes, although, I have two pairs (their so comfy), I’m talking about another product.

I’ve tried so many deodorants in the past that did not impress me at all.  I felt the pain of them stinging me, some left residue, and ones that completely didn’t work. 

Now I know this isn’t necessary related to makeup, but in a sense I totally think it’s worth sharing.  :0)

How many of you tried so many deodorants and none of them serve your armpits the justice it needs? I know it’s a silly topic to discuss, but I’m just really excited to share this next deodorant with you. 

Please meet my Tom's of Maine Deodorant


First Impression: Unscented, check, that’s already a plus! Not powdery, another check.  Size is pretty decent.  Simply take off the cap and scroll the bottom to adjust for the deodorant to come out and apply.  I know you guys didn’t need instructions to for that, but I’m just sharing anyway. : P

Nowadays, you see spray on deodorant, however, I like to stick with the simple old-school style.  :0)