Friday, April 26, 2013


I wasn’t planning to discuss about lipsticks twice this week, but since I’ve been using this specific lipstick a lot this week, I thought it made sense for me to share it with you all.

Again, this lipstick obsession is nothing new.  You know I love pink lipsticks as I mention here and my girlfriend recently dared me to be bold and try something new here.  

This is not a surprise that the color lipstick I am about to share with you all is of course- a light shade of pink. 

I know, you all are probably thinking, why does she buy the same color all the time? 

Well, I think the key word obsession sums that up quite clearly.  LOL. : P

I promise to wonder off to another shade soon, maybe in the summer. 

There’s something about a soft color shade of pink that is translucent in a sense that makes me feel comfortable wearing it.  It fit’s me and my personality perfectly

Without further introduction, please meet Flirt Cherub Lipstick

Flirt from Kohls

First Impression: I was surprised to find a decent color lipstick at Kohls.  Honestly they have a lot of cute stuff, especially the LC Conrad Collection.  Right when I saw this color, I knew it was meant for me.  The shade is soft pink, absolutely stunning nude color.  


Anyone can definitely wear this shade.  It’s such a calm, neutral based color.  They have plenty of other colors that can provide the vibrant shine and ever lasting effect; at the same time keeping your lips feeling ultra-moist.