Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Favorite Foundation Primer

 In order for an everlasting effect, sometimes, using a primer as a base is well needed.  Eyelids requires a primer, I use this one here.  

As for my face, I’ve been using this product for so long now, that I can’t honestly remember when I started to use it. 

But I can tell you that, I’ve used a lot of primers in the past, and this one is by all- my favorite.  

Without further introduction, please meet the Laura Mercier Foundation Radiance Primer.

First Impression:  Comes in a tube with a twist-off cap, very sleek and thin enough to simply throw in your makeup bag or purse.  When I use this product, a little goes a long way.  I normally squeeze the product out once and then applied to my face with my fingers.  You can use a brush, but I think my fingers are better.  Of course, please remember to clean your hands thoroughly before touching your face. 
If you have a natural flawless face already, which I am jealous of all of you who do have that :0(, this primer will simply give you a soft natural radiant glow.  The radiance feature from this product does offer a sheen shine, so be careful not to put too much. 
You could also use this on top of your foundation as a highlighter.  Just simply put this above your cheekbones, and other needed areas, and your face will have a beautiful soft glow. 

After I use this product, my face automatically feels soft, smooth, and very luminously.  I think as I get older, I want to make sure that my face looks and feels young; therefore, I am adamant about putting too many different things on my face.  

I think a quick primer, foundation, eyebrows, simple eye look, blush, then lips, seems a lot but really it isn’t, it’s actually just perfectly enough for me. 

I bought mines at Macy’s but you can always buy it at Nordstrom or directly on their website

For $32 it is rather pricey, but I think it’s an important step before you apply your foundation or concealer for that smooth transition and lasting hold.  Again, one product does last quite a long time since you’re not applying too much on your face, because it’s not needed. 

For a happy radiant face, I think this is a must in my makeup book! :0)

Have an awesome day! 

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