Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Today’s blushes are the one and only MAC Buff, Pinch me, and Melba

You guys know I am madly in love with MAC products especially there brushes that I mention here and here.  

Aside from the wonderful brushes, they also have wonderful blushes

These 3 blushes make me feel happy.  The colors are so gorgeous!!! :)

Please note that my MAC blushes are the refill pans in a Pro Palette Blush X6 Insert.  I love using this pallet to help organize my blushes.  Sometimes, I don’t like to have single individual blush compacts, especially when I am building a collection and for traveling purposes, it’s occasionally good to have a variety all tucked in one cute rectangular box. :)


They also have single refill pan for eye shadows and a palette for that, I also plan to share that will you all soon! :)   

First Impressions:  Buff- soft pinkish- peach and Melba- soft coral peach.  Both colors belong in the pink-peachy family, which are very soft neutral shades.  I have light to medium skin tone and when I applied both on, it works beautifully.  It gives my cheeks a soft, settle pink-peachy flush. Both of these blushes are matte. 

Pinch me- medium dirty rose coral- is a gorgeous bright yet settled color! Just a little pat of this blush, it gives my cheeks such a cute vibrant color! I love it! This blush is a sheer tone. 
I think all of these colors would be great for all skin tones and complexion! :)

You can buy these blushes of course in their own comfortable individual compact size, however, like I mentioned above, I like it to be organized a tad bit. 

For the individual compact price it is $21, for the refill blush pan, it cost me $17.  The Pro Palette Blush X6 Insert costs me $9.  

Honestly, I think it isn’t a bad idea to get the palettes when you are building a collection.  As you can see, I still have 3 more slots to fill. :)

I try to have a different array of blushes, but somehow, it leads me back to the pink-peachy family. LOL. 

I bought mines at Macy’s; however you can buy them directly on their website or Nordstrom

Have an awesome day!! 

Thanks for reading!! :0)


  1. The colours are so pretty! Xx

    1. You should give them a try! :0)