Thursday, May 23, 2013

Eye Liner Brush

Yesterday, I shared with you all my favorite gel liner.  Today, I will share with you all, what brush I use to apply the gel liner. 

Now there are plenty of different brands and kind of brushes out there to use, but for me personally, I like this Bobbi Brown Eye Liner Brush


First Impression: The bristle is stiff yet soft enough when applied to the eyelids.  This brush helps to create the thin fine line or the thick intense line.  It depends on your preferences.  Either way, this brush is quite simply amazing! 


Lightweight to hold and easy to use to create the cleanest streak of a line and with the right gel product, your eye liner can last all day long! This is always a plus!

Sometimes, I use this brush to tight line my eyeliner as well, which works amazingly and definitely easy to apply. 

For $26, I know is pricey for a brush, but this is a good investment, if you wear a lot gel liner.  This brush is a must have in my makeup bag! The main reason why I love this brush a lot is because it helps create truly neat flawless eyeliner. 

I bought mines at Macy’s but you can buy it directly on their website.  

For a soft beautiful soft stroke eye liner, this brush and gel liner is a must have. :0)

Have a great day and a fantastic weekend!! 

Thanks for reading!!

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