Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Natural Paradise

Honestly, this past weekend has been so crazily busy for me! Yesterday, I just needed a day to unwind from my madness weekend.  

Nonetheless, I am back and ready to share with you all these wonderful products I’ve been testing out! 

Several weeks ago, I ordered a bunch of items from The Balm.  You all should know by now that I love their products, except this one here.  

I mean aside from the bad Balm product, there is definitely so much more to enjoy and love with their other products. 

This whole week, I decide to dedicate my love and appreciation for The Balm products. 

Today, I am going share with you all this natural eye shadow pallet that I’ve been addicted to lately. 
Without further introduction, ladies meet The Balm Nude’tude Eye Shadow Pallet.  

First Impression:  Just look at these 12 beautiful eye shadows!! These colors can be worn softly as the “no makeup” makeup look or bold it up for a sultry look!  Either way, you can create so many beautifully look with these shadows!   The lighter colors are great as a highlighter!! 


The shadows are pigmented especially the glitter ones and some matte.  Honestly, these shadows are so easy to apply and they are blendable!  The colors are versatile and can be easily worn beautifully on anyone.   


It comes with a mini brush, but I can careless for that.  I personally like to use my favorite brush here

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been using the pallet, and honestly, the colors are so easy to wear for work and for a night out.  You know I love pallets that are easy to transition from day to night.  

These colors just states classiness to me.  I really do love this pallet and I strongly encourage everyone to at least try the colors at the store.  

For $36, it can be pricey but look at the amazing colors!! Even if I didn’t buy this product half-off, I would have bought it full price anyways.  The colors are simply amazing to me.  

I bought mines directly at The Balm website; however you can buy it at Nordstrom.  

Have an awesome day!! 

Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. The packaging is adorable. Great neutral eye palette for daily wear!!