Thursday, May 9, 2013

Down Boy

That’s Down Boy from the Balm cosmetics.  

I know that last week you guys had enough information about blushes, but I can’t resist sharing this one today!  You guys should know by now that my obsession for blushes has grown tremendously, it’s ridiculous! : P

Ladies meet The Balm Down Boy Blush


First Impression:  I always love the covers of these blushes! They are so cute!! The color is amazing!! One great thing about the balm blushes, it’s very versatile to be used as a blush and eye shadow! You know I love products that can be used for multiple purposes!!

This baby pink shadow and blush has the perfect consistency to create a soft flush on the face! The powder is very soft and gentle to the face or eyelids.  

Honestly, this color is too cute! When I applied it on my cheeks, I feel adorable, in a very cute way.  Just like a little baby, when their cheeks are slightly warm and pink! I know it’s strange how a little color to the cheeks can make a person feel wonderful and lively

For $21 to have a sheer, cute, light baby pink color to the face; I say it’s sure worth it.  Although, I may have a lot of different blushes, they truly all function in different ways, good ways to enhance our cheeks. :)

I bought mines directly from the website; you can but it at Nordstrom as well. 

Have a great day! 

Thanks for reading!!

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