Tuesday, May 21, 2013


That’s Cheater mascara from the Balm.  I’ve tried both of the other mascaras before, as I mention here and here.  

I know that I said the body builder mascara was my favorite out of the balm’s mascaras, but this one that I am about to discuss, beats all of them! This one by far is the best to me!! I love it!!

First Impression:  Very small mascara tube, wish it was bigger.  The brush bristles are soft and big. Honestly, one swipe of this mascara, transforms your nonexistence lashes to visible lashes immediately!! I’ve used the mascara by itself, and I am already impressed! I can’t imagine using it with my favorite primer.

There is no smell whatsoever, so that’s a plus.  This mascara is honestly up there with my favorite mascaras!