Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fresh Tangerines

You know that I love to use hand sanitizers that smells absolutely amazing!!

Last night, my boyfriend went to the mall, apparently he stopped by Bath and Body Works, knowing that it’s one of my favorite stores to peruse through.  

He surprised me with a new hand sanitizer for my office.  Couple of days prior, I said the one in my office was running out; guess he does listen, when I talk, :)

This was the boyfriend’s pick, Bath & Body Works Fresh Picked Tangerines

First Impression: It smells so good! Really refreshing and rejuvenating! Smells like fresh peel tangerines! Now, of course, if you do not like tangerines, I highly wouldn’t recommend buying it.  It’s not overwhelming, but you can definitely smell the tangerines! 

They have a lot of different choices- have fun smelling them! I love the popping beads they have in this sanitizer; it really makes your hands feel cleaner!