Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Perfect Pout

I am truly a believer that for some things, using a primer is best to enhance any necessary features we have.  

An example, for eye shadows to last longer all day and night, this is the primer I use.  The best part, it does work.  Eye shadows are so much beautiful when they stay put all day and last all night long.  

When it comes to my lips, I need a certain boost to make sure my lips are soft and smooth before I applied my lipstick.  You guys know that I love these lip balms here and here.  They both are my favorites. 

But this lip gloss that I am about to share with you all, is different.  

Please meet Express Lip Gloss


First Impression: I know, hence the words lip gloss; believe it or not, I use this as a primer.  Trust me; it works beautifully when I applied my lipstick.  This gloss helps my lipstick to last all day and night long! It’s peppermint so it smells delicious and it’s not sticky at all. The gloss is truly defined, if you wanted to use it as a gloss.  

What I love most about this product, is it can be used in so many ways, as a simple gloss or as a primer.  If used as a gloss, it’s really shiny.  They come in many different shades, but since I am using it primarily as a primer, mine is translucent.  However, those other colors are tempting, especially the pink ones.
Honestly, this lip gloss is gorgeous, helps defines my pout and my lipstick to stay put.  I mean, what’s not to love about that? 

For $7, it’s not too bad.  I have this product for a couple months now, and it seems like I bought a brand new one.  It last really long. 

Of course you can only buy it at Express or their website

For a cute pout and everlasting lipstick, this is a must in my makeup bag! :)

Thanks for reading!! :0)

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