Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Scented Shimmer Powder

I love this next product so much! The smell lingers on your skin for hours, the shimmers glows on your skin for hours, and the best part- your look amazingly awesome for hours

Without further introductions, ladies meet Victoria's Secret Pink Fresh and Clean Scented Shimmer Powder. 

Please note, sadly that Victoria Secret doesn’t carry this product anymore.  However, they have some items here that are similar to this product or you can buy it on amazon.  I just think this product deserves a review even though it’s not sold in stores anymore. 

First impression: It’s a cute little bottle, with a fluff brush that you easily brush along your skin.  Seconds later, a beautiful sparkly glow appears.  Now the shimmer is not overwhelming at all, just perfect. I love this product a lot because it smells phenomenal and the product does truly deliver.  I mean who doesn’t love a little shimmer and glow? : P

I normally apply this when I am going out at night with the girls or the BF or at the beach.  It’s honestly a nice, fun glow to have. It makes you feel sexy in a way. :)