Monday, June 3, 2013

Brush for Volume

I’ve been using this next product for quite some time now and I honestly love it.  Some days I need quick volume to my hair or some soft gentle wavy curls; this brush helps me achieve that look!

Now I normally use this brush when I am blow drying my hair.  The brush and blow dry coincides helps to produce the cute wavy look that I want.  Now let me tell you, it is not easy at first. After many, many practices, I was able to get it barely right.  

It’s not easy to brush your hair through then round it back up and down while holding a blow dryer! 

Talk about multi-tasking! Lots of work, but truly ever so worth it! 


First Impression: To be honest, I got this is a gift from my girlfriend because I was always jealous of her nice volume wavy hair!  Like I’ve mentioned earlier, what am I going to do with this brush? I am definitely not a hair stylist and attempting to even try is deadly scarier!  

After my girlfriend showed me how to use it, I had a little confident that I can do it too! She made it seem so easy.  Again, after many, many practices I was able to do it.  It isn’t perfect nor do I brush it quickly as my friend, but it’s a start and I love the outcome.