Monday, March 10, 2014

The Perfect Raglan Tee

Victoria's Secret Raglan Tee

I’ve been an avid lover of Victoria’s Secret ever since I had my driver’s license cruising to the mall ever weekend! I love their pop of color clothes, lotions, and intimate clothing.  However, I really love their Pink Raglan Tee!!

They are ultra-soft, light-weight, and very comfortable! So comfortable that I have 4 of these tops in different colors! I know, I know, kind of obsessive! But it’s perfect to wear on a low-key day.  With spring approaching, I think I will be wearing these tops a lot (hence different colors). 

Right now it is on sale for 2 for $40, original price at $24.99.  Not so bad for $20 tee.  They do have some on clearance online, for $17.99, assorted colors.